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PAY:  TUITION / Registration / Supply Fee / Donation

Note:  In order to pay Parent must have a PayPal account or Debit/Credit Card.
Considering the current situation, Parents are being advised to make payments by use of PayPal or Debit/Credit Card.  During this critical period, Al-Mamoor School will absorb the transaction costs estimated at up to 2.9% of the payment amount.

1. First Screen:
Please proceed by filling in the required information.
Example: Assume Amount total = $1,632
Click on

2. Next Screen
Select and click payment by either PayPal OR Debit/Credit Card.
Complete all information on screens that follows:

Important:   Click on the “Add a note” to add payment details. Below is a sample note on the details on the above payment of $1,632.
Total amount being paid $1,632: Child1-Name (Grade10) = $480: Child2-Name (Grade8) = $432: Child3-Name (Grade4) = $384: Child4-Name (KG) = $336

Address: [Enter your address: Street, City, Zip Code]
Upon completion, Click?